My head, in a painful fog. My heart, in an aching war. Alone, out in the darkness. This blade within my core is severing all my joy. It’s strange to know that I am my own assailant. Every twist of this blade… Read More

Her emotions become chaotic, She’d wish she was catatonic. ‘Cause the concealed pain Revealed on this emotional train, Is often far beyond her grasp. Her control will never last. Her eyes will bleed of tears, Familiar through the years. Her voice will… Read More

I had the first few lines of this poem written and tucked away for quite a while now. I picked up on it again this morning and finished it in about fifteen minutes. It’s interesting how quickly certain words come to me… Read More

This has, and I believe always will be, one of my favourite poems that I have written. I wrote it in about ten minutes, after feeling a complete writer’s block for quite awhile before. And I’ve learned that the best ones always… Read More