Month: January 2019

So you want to start a journal

Journaling is simply pouring your heart onto paper. It is a record of your thoughts, and the happenings in your life. It is deciding that you need to let out all of the pent up thoughts in your mind. It is choosing to write when you feel like writing, not because you’ve told yourself you have to.

Why I’m a Thrifter

For the year 2017, I pledged to myself that I wouldn’t buy any new clothes. Aside from maybe shoes, undergarments, and socks, I told myself that I would buy second-hand for all of the clothes that I needed. Here’s why.

4 Ways to Keep the Habit of Journal Writing

If you’ve ever wanted to keep a journal, and wished that you were able to stick with it, this post is for you. #3 was a big one for me.